About NPT Reports

NPT Reports includes long form documentaries, short video updates, web content, community engagement conversations and blog posts to keep middle Tennesseans current on issues affecting their lives.

There are currently two components to the NPT Reports project: Children’s Health Crisis and Education Watch.

About Children’s Health Crisis:
Nashville Public Television’s Children’s Health Crisis project is a three-year initiative built around a series of seven documentaries on the state of children’s health in Tennessee. The project launched in 2009 in response to the increased number of children facing risks from poor or non-existent prenatal care, the rising epidemic of childhood obesity, misinformation about vaccinations, mental health issues, and adolescent sexuality. For more information, and to watch the documentaries, please visit http://www.wnpt.org/childrenshealth.

About Education Watch:
NPT is a member of a consortium of public media stations in 5 Southern states (Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee) committed to exploring the challenges and opportunities confronting education in the southern United States in the 21st century. The Southern Education Desk will have reports around the region providing in-depth feature stories on a broad range of education issues, from K-12 to secondary to adult learning along with Race to the Top coverage.

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