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‘Aging Matters: Healthy Aging’ Premieres Thursday, Nov. 19

Published on November 11, 2015 By MiChelle Jones

Aging is inevitable; the secret is to do so as healthily as possible and to learn to manage the changes aging brings. “Aging Matters: Healthy Aging,” the sixth documentary in Nashville Public Television’s NPT Reports: Aging Matters series, explores the pursuit of health and well-being as we age. “Aging Matters: Healthy Aging” premieres Thursday, November […]

Teens Share Their Stories in ‘Student Voices’ Videos

Published on July 28, 2015 By MiChelle Jones

Nashville Public Television’s “Student Voices” videos are brief, but powerful because they feature high schoolers sharing their challenges and triumphs in their own words. The series of 20 short videos are being produced by NPT associate producer Shawn Anfinson as part of the American Graduate: Let’s Make it Happen initiative supporting community-based solutions to the […]

New ‘NPT Reports: Aging Matters’ documentary premieres May 28

Published on May 22, 2015 By MiChelle Jones

Ask most people and they’ll say they would prefer to remain in their own homes as they age; in other words, they want to age in place. But doing so is fraught with challenges such as climbing stairs, reaching upper cabinets, bathing safely, etc. There are also concerns about the surrounding community: Is there transportation; […]

Staggering Domestic Violence Stats from Latest NPT Reports Special | Premieres March 29

Published on March 25, 2013 By Kevin Crane

  Our latest public affairs documentary, NPT Reports: Domestic Violence: Living in Fear, premieres Friday, March 29 at 8:00. Here are some staggering statistics from the show. Please consider sharing this graphic. If you or someone you know has questions or is a victim of domestic violence, please call the Domestic Violence 24-hour Crisis & […]